G01 spare parts

  • G01 spare parts - Gillo Archery
  • G01 spare parts - Gillo Archery
  • G01 spare parts - Gillo Archery
  • G01 spare parts - Gillo Archery
  • G01 spare parts - Gillo Archery

Specifiche Tecniche /  Technical Specifications

  • Original spare parts kits forGILLO risers
  • Compatible withsomeother risers as well
  • G01-LB-01 Limb bolt with back locking stainless Steel screw (GILLOG1, G2,G4,G5,Best Zenit, Best Moon, Best Mercury)Available in Titanium Nitride Gold, Black, Purple and BluecolorplatedStainlessSteel (-GO/-BK/PR /BL)and Stainless Steel withmirror polished head (-SS)
  • G01-BLS-special stainless Steel M6 threaded lockingscrew for limbs bolts,kit of two pieces (GILLO G1, G2, G4,G5, all Best risers, all Spigarelli risers, all Fiberbow risers,several SF, W&W, Fivics and Hoyt risers).Available as G01-BLS-01-2 (17 mm ) or G01-BLS-02-2 (15mm)
  • G01-AP-01-BR Brass Alignment Plate, complete with M6 x 12stainless steel locking screw and M6stainless steel elastic washer (AllGILLO risers,Fiberbow6.9, 5.9,8.2/8.3, almost all Spigarelli models)
  • G01-AP-01-AL Alignment Plate,7075 Aluminum Gold color anodized,complete with M6 x 12 stainlesssteel locking screw and M6 stainlesssteel elastic washer (All GILLO risers,Fiberbow6.9, 5.9,8.2/8.3,almost allSpigarelli models)
  • G04-CWK-01 kit ofaccessories same as suppliedwith all G4L-25risers.Includes 2 x 5 mm Allenwrenches, 1 x 4 mm Allenwrench, 2 x 2.5 mm Allenwrenches, 1 x M4x6, 4 x M4 x8 stainless Steel screws, 1 xAluminum Gold color anodized long cliker plate (RHor LH ). Suitable for G1 and G2 risers, too.
  • G01-SSK-8 Sight Screws kit , 10-24 x 2 pcseach for 3/4", 5/8", 1/2", 3/8"lenghts,Stainless SteelAllow to screw any sight holding plate in themarket to almost all existing riser
  • G01-SNK-4 Sight Nutskit.2 pairs of stainless steel nuts of different size (10-32and8-32) . Allow to assemble any sight pin or scope onany sight.
  • G04-WH-01-K Weights holder kit .includes 2 x M4 threaded Stainless Steelshafts and 4 closed head Stainless Steelnuts. Replaces the 4 x M4 screws tosecure bare bowweights G01-BW-01 /G01-BW-02 / G04-BW-04 in case ofdamaged tappings of the holes in therisers. Compatible to G1-25/27, G2-25,G4-25, GT-25/27 risers. Also allows use ofheavy (>700 g) Bare bow covers on G2-25 riser