G01 Wood Grip

G01 spare parts - Gillo Archery

Specifiche Tecniche /  Technical Specifications

  • Made from fine hard  wood or Real Briar Root wood
  • G01 models have same shape as original 3D designed and printed grips
  • GBG “Gillo Ball Grip” model is exactly same as originally displayed on the book “The Heretic Archer”  
  • Fit “GILLO  Gold Medal” G1, G2, GQ, GT and G5 “Ghost 19” risers, Best Archery Zenit and Moon risers and many others
  • G01-WG-M and G01-RG-M are same as standard on “L” versions of GILLO  risers
  • WG grips are made by hard wood, with Walnut color finish
  • RG grips are made by hard wood, with “root” color finish
  • RRG grip is a  special limited edition version hand carved from one block of Real Briar Wood. Sold in a special box with certificate of authenticity