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Gillo G1L 27"

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  • 27” length, RH or LH version
  • Machined form Aluminum 6061 T6
  • Matte Anodized colors
  • Limbs alignment system
  • Special compartments for optional balancing weights
  • Gold color anodized aluminum compartment cover
  • Titanium Nitride Gold color plated limbs bolts
  • Stratified Multi Color Wooden medium grip
  • 3 front and 3 back stabs holes
  • Center bushing with 1 mm offset to allow better balancing by long rod
  • Approx. 1430gr total
  • Available colors RH: Blue (BL), Grey (GY), Black (BK), Green (GR), Orange (OG), Purple (PR), Gold (GO)
  • Available colors LH: Blue (BL), Grey (GY), Black (BK)
  • Packing includes long clicker plate, Instruction Manual with Warranty card, GRS-03 riser sleeve and 5 Allen wrenches

Optional accessories available:
  • G01-DK6 6 steel disk weights kit
  • G01-AC/YC Aluminum or 3D printed standard covers, different colors
  • G01-BW-01/02 Special bare Bow covers in different weights and materials
  • G02-CKK Plastic cliker plates in different colors
  • Various grips in wood and plastic 3D printed in different colors
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