• RISER GT 23” FORMULA - Gillo Archery
  • RISER GT 23” FORMULA - Gillo Archery

Specifiche Tecniche /  Technical Specifications

  • Recurve,Bare Bow & Hunting riser
  • FormulaLimbscompatible
  • Floating limbs pockets allow over 30% poundage adjustment range
  • Integrated shock absorbers 
  • 23.5” length, RH version only
  • Body and Pockets machined from solid Aluminum bar
  • Matte sandblasted anodized surface
  • Brass Limbs alignment plates
  • Special round seatfor optional balancing weight
  • Stainless steel limbs bolts assembled in AL7075 black anodized bodies
  • Hard Wood, Root color medium grip
  • 1 front stabs bushings, made by Stainless Steel Gold color Titanium Nitride coated
  • Compatible to all GILLO grips
  • Approx. 1350gr total weight
  • Dual Color versionsRH:Grey(KGY), Military Green (KGM)
  • Packing includes Manualwith Warranty card,GRS-03 riser protection sleeve, 4Allen wrenches and 2 bolt locking Brass grub screws