STRINGS POUCH 2021 Edition

  • STRINGS POUCH - Gillo Archery
  • Bow Stringer
  • Key Chain & Limbs Tip

Specifiche Tecniche /  Technical Specifications

GSP-01 Strings Pouch -2021 Edition
  • Strings pouch to manage and protect your bow strings 
  • 16 transparent compartments
  • 16 small transparent notes holders
  • Plastic coated waterproof fabric
  • Can be rolled to minimize size
  • Originally designed in the ‘80s and still unchanged, a must for any serious archer.
GBS-01 Bow Stringer
  • Strong fabric
  • Rubber coated limb holding part
  • Narrow tip holding part 
  • Solves problem of stringing properly long bows with super curved limbs
GKP-01 Key Chain & Limbs Tip (shoe) protector
  • Eco Leather
  • Hand Made in Italy